Membership Benefits for Airports in Our Network


What We Do:

Sky+Road cars let pilots continue their adventures on land! 

Sky+Road provides cars for general aviation pilots and traveling companions, at airports when they land.
If your airport doesn't have commercial rental car providers nearby or taxis/ ride sharing services easily available, becoming a Sky+Road partner allows you to provide these services at no extra cost to make your airport a more attractive option for pilots.
We are a membership program. Our members, who fly into your airports, will be able to make a reservation using their phone, unlock their reserved car, and drive off, continuing their adventure once they land. 
What will you have to do? 
Simply give us a parking spot! No need to spend a dime on maintaining rental cars. No need to spend a minute on juggling reservations.
Make your FBO an attractive destination for pilots. More visits will bring more business to your FBO as well as other businesses in your area. 
Contact us today to find out how you can become an airport in the Sky+Road network!